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"My girlfriend says that you are the best photographer, ever." - Brian P.- San Francisco, CA

Heaven Hand HoldHeaven Hand HoldAngelic Picture of kids holding hands

One of the best compliments I have received is that I really captured the love of the moment. My clients deserve to have someone who captures the moment as they see it. We can all go to the mall and get pictures taken with the plain butcher paper background, but to get a photographer who invests the time to get to know you to deliver the product with your personality is what makes a photo special.



My clients get a photographer who will not be rushed and who will personalize what is captured. There is a unique story to each moment. Whether it is capturing a technicolor sunset, or the contrast between a beautiful grandmother and infant, beauty surrounds us daily. Moments are designed to be savored and enjoyed. Life is beautiful and is to be enjoyed, like a great cup of morning coffee or a fantastic Cabernet Sauvignon.

While I have always had the affinity to shoot pictures and feel I have a unique eye for seeking out great pictures, I lacked the courage to embrace my gift and publish my work for many years. There is an old Zen saying, "Leap and the net will appear." I was inspired to take a leap of faith by someone quite dear to me, and the result is some amazing digital art. Since that day, I have never looked back and I appreciate the beauty around me.

My clients get the unbridled passion and gift for the beauty of all that is captured in life. Whether it is the smile of a child, the mist of an ocean breeze, or even a dog curled up in the chair - beauty can be seen everywhere, every day. It is how we capture the beauty that preserves the moment.

I've spent many years teaching Taekwondo, coaching various sports, and operating non-profit youth groups, as well as raising my own three children. I have a great deal of patience that is inherent within my DNA, along with a great deal of creativity! My clients get a photographer who has most likely been in their shoes, and is committed to capturing your great moment. 

I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to travel, and rather than sitting in a hotel room, I'll grab my camera and shoot (sometimes until the wee hours of the morning). I've been able to capture great shots from places like Maui, San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York, but some of my best work just comes from right around home. I make my home in West Sacramento with my three kids, my Australian Shepherd, and a special lady and her son.